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10 of the Most Useful Twitter Bots You Can Follow

As artificial intelligence gets more sophisticated, so do Twitter’s bots. These bots can be incredibly helpful if you know how to use them correctly.

In this article, we will explore some productive Twitter bots that will simplify your life in one way or another.

What Are Twitter Bots?

These bots are automated accounts that perform various tasks on Twitter. They can do anything, from retweeting other users’ posts to automatically generating content. They can also be helpful for users figuring out how to use Twitter.

Some bots are programmed to post specific messages at designated intervals, while others reply to anyone who mentions a designed user. The possibilities with bots are endless, and there’s sure to be at least one that suits your interests.

10 Twitter Bots You Need to Follow

How do you keep up with all the updates on Twitter and simplify or optimize your experience? Check out these useful bots.

1. Pikaso

Have you ever tried taking a screenshot of a tweet? This Twitter bot helps you take screenshots of tweets without the usual clutter. This means you don’t have to crop preceding tweets and comments before sharing.

So how do you use this bot? You must follow @pikaso_me on Twitter and reply to the chosen tweet with “@pikaso_me screenshot this.” The Twitter bot will send you a screenshot of the tweet within seconds.

2. ThreadReader App

There is a character limit on Twitter. This means that sometimes everything you want to post can’t be contained in one tweet. To write longer tweets, you’d have to make a thread, which is a series of interconnected tweets under the same post.

Reading and unrolling these threads can be arduous, especially when the connected tweets are more than three. This bot helps arrange the thread into an article, making it look like a blog post.

You must follow @threadreaderapp on Twitter and reply to the chosen thread with “@threadreader unroll.” The Twitter bot will send you a link to the unrolled thread on the ThreadReader website. You can also save these threads as a PDF to read offline.

3. Remind Me of This Tweet

An average of over 500,000 tweets are made every minute, and a single refresh could send these tweets into the quagmire of forgotten content. It is a general practice to bookmark the tweet or favorite it. But we often don’t go through our bookmark or favorites list.

@RemindMe_OfThis is a bot that reminds users of relevant tweets. Tag the bot under the tweet you wish to be reminded of and include the time for the reminder. There is no limit to the time frame. You can set a reminder for the next day, month, or five years.

4. Save My Video

When surfing through Twitter, you might come across a video or a GIF you like and would want on your device. Unfortunately, due to copyright infringement rules, Twitter doesn’t allow automatic video downloads.

However, with @SaveMyVideo, you can download any video or GIF on Twitter. In a reply to the tweet with the video, tag the bot, and you will be sent a link for downloading the video you want.

5. Quoted Replies

Regular Twitter users are likely familiar with the @QuotedReplies handle, shown under some of the most well-liked tweets.

Quoted Replies is a Twitter bot that locates quoted replies to tweets without copying, pasting, or searching. Reply to or quote the original tweet with “@quotedreplies,” and you will find all the quoted replies to that tweet in one place.

6. Tiny Care

The @tinycarebot tweets reminders about daily activities that you might have forgotten about due to hectic work schedules. For instance, the bot reminds its followers to “take a quick moment to go get a sip of water”.

Follow the bot and switch on tweet notifications to receive helpful daily reminders.

7. Poet This

Want customized screenshots of tweets? Then @poet_this can help. While we have already reviewed a bot that allows you to screenshot tweets, this bot enables you to design the screenshot in various ways.

You can choose to remove the likes and retweets attached to the tweet. You can also add some color by replying to the tweet: @poet_this blue 1

There are other colors like red, green, and dark. You can also choose to screenshot an entire thread: @poet_this all. This bot also has other features you can explore, thus making it useful in your Twitter experience.

8. Make It a Quote

This Twitter bot creates a graphic containing the tweet it’s been tagged to and the username of the tweet’s author, forming a quote. @MakeItAQuote also captures the author’s profile picture and uses it as a background for the image.

As usual, to use this bot, you must follow its account and tag it to a chosen tweet.

9. Colorize

If you have an old picture in black and white that you’d like to be brightened with colors, @colorize_bot can help.

This bot colorizes black-and-white photos using artificial intelligence. If you mention @colorize_bot in reply to a tweet with images, the transformed image will be sent to you within minutes.

10. Quakes Today

The last bot on this list is @QuakesToday. Earthquakes are common, so a bot that informs you of the latest tremors around your location is worth following.

Follow the bot and switch on notifications to receive alerts of earthquakes of 1.5 magnitudes and higher.

Note that this bot cannot predict future occurrences but can only warn of approaching quakes, giving you enough time to seek refuge.

Get the Most Out of Twitter

Twitter is a fast-paced platform with new tweets and trends every minute. This can make keeping up quite difficult. The bots reviewed here can help.

Occasionally, bots can’t reply immediately due to restrictions on reply and like limits. These restrictions are placed to avoid unnecessary spamming. However, rest assured that they are programmed to fulfill your request if it’s within their operational capabilities.

So follow and switch on notifications to get the most out of Twitter.

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