12 Tips for Getting More From the Galaxy S21 Camera App

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphone, you’ve chosen wisely. There’s so much about these phones that’s impressive, including the multi-camera setup. If you’ve splurged on the S21 Ultra, you have an even more impressive camera setup. But you still have a pretty awesome smartphone with the S21 or S21+.

A lot of the special features of the cameras can be accessed from your phone’s camera app. Some are automatically turned on from the start, but some you have to turn on when you want them. Let’s check out the best things you can do with your S21 series camera app.

1. Make Sure You Can Scan QR Codes

Although this should be turned on by default when you first get your S21 smartphone, you should double-check. Being able to scan QR codes with your camera app is so much easier than having a dedicated QR scanning app.

To make sure it’s turned on, open your camera app and click on the cog icon in the top left corner. This will open up your Samsung S21’s camera settings. Make sure that Scan QR codes is toggled on and blue and you’re good to go.

2. Use the Scene Optimizer for Better Shots

The Scene Optimizer feature helps you do just what it sounds like: optimize your scenes. It helps you figure out what your best shot is by focusing on an object automatically, blurring out the rest of the scene, adjusting your lighting, and more.

It can recognize a wide range of scenes, and isn’t just limited to the S21 app—it’s a feature of many Samsung devices.

This is another feature that should be turned on automatically, but just in case it was accidentally toggled off, here’s how to get to it. Open your camera app, tap the settings gear icon in the top left corner, and toggle on Scene optimizer.

3. Toggle on Shot Suggestions

If you want even more help with your photos, make sure you toggle on Shot suggestions in your camera app settings. This feature will give you on-screen advice that helps you line up an amazing shot. This, especially paired with the Scene Optimizer feature, will give you some really nice looking photos, even if you aren’t an expert.

4. Turn on Tracking Auto-Focus

If you have an unruly camera subject like a bouncing child or an energetic puppy, toggle on Tracking auto-focus in your camera app settings. This will help your camera stay focused on your selected subject even if they move during your shot.

5. Check Out the Different Ways to Shoot

Make sure you also check out Shooting methods in your camera app settings. When you tap this option in your settings, you’ll see all the different methods you can use to take a photo.

The typical way you’d take a photo is by opening up your camera app and pressing the circle icon at the bottom. But there are a few different ways you can take photos, including:

  • Pressing your volume keys to take a picture or record a video.
  • Using voice commands like “Smile” or “Capture” to take a photo or “Record video” for capturing video.
  • Showing your palm to the camera to take a selfie.
  • Adding an extra shutter button you can move anywhere on your screen.

6. Take Some Shots in Night Mode

With improvements to the cameras on S21 series phones, taking pictures in dark settings or at nighttime is a lot easier. Better cameras mean more light can be captured, making your photos taken in the dark come out a lot clearer when you’re in Night mode.

To access and try out Night mode, open your camera app. Where you’d usually switch between photo and video mode, tap the More option. Select the option titled Night and you’ll be in that mode until you close out your camera app.

7. Try Out the Single Take Feature

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