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45 Fun Ice Breaker Questions for Virtual Meetings

If you manage a remote team or are a part of one, you might have conducted or experienced an ice-breaking session. Virtual meetings get easier and a lot of fun with the right icebreakers.

But what makes ice breakers important for organizations and team leaders? And where do you find some cool ice breaker questions? Read on to know and check out some fun ice breaker questions that we’ve created for your team to enjoy.

Why Are Ice Breakers Important? What Makes Them Fun?

Virtual meetings can often be uncomfortable and even intimidating, especially for individuals who do not know each other or are new team members. Also, you know that not everybody is an extrovert, and some persons feel uneasy interacting with others.

A round of ice breaker questions can be effective in easing tensions and overcoming awkwardness in virtual meetings. Ice breaker questions are great for bonding your team during welcome meetings, training sessions, and events. They break down barriers of hierarchy and departments and warm up the atmosphere to engage every participant.

Everyone in your team gets to see each other’s side through responses to icebreaker questions—and that can be heartwarming and generate some good laughs, too. Yes, you can have so much fun with ice breaker questions. They could be about cool things to do as a team, funny work-from-home experiences, favorite movies or hobbies, imaginary situations, and even riddles and tongue twisters.

Having a list of ice breaker questions can be handy and can complement your efforts to run a productive virtual meeting. But you don’t need to search around for some great questions. Explore and use the following lists that we have thought up for you—and enjoy the warmth and laughter that follow.

Virtual Craze Ice Breakers

Working virtually can be a craze for some and a crazy thing for others. Here are some ice breakers for both sides.

  1. What’s the craziest thing about virtual meetings?
  2. Name two crazy habits you’ve developed after working from home.
  3. Tell us two ways that make talking to people across a screen better than in person.
  4. Ever been videobombed during a virtual meeting by family, friends, or pets? Tell us what happened.
  5. Share three things you love about working from home?

Wacky Work Ice Breakers

Explore the crazy dimensions of work with the following list.

  1. What wacky introduction would you give on your first working day?
  2. Share a wacky work moment you’ll never forget.
  3. What kind of fun break would you like to have in a workweek?
  4. Try saying this Virtual Word Twist fast, three times: “When Virtual Work is Wacky, Work is Snappy, and Weekdays are Wacky.”
  5. What would be your wacky excuse for being late for a meeting?

Bring On the Fun Ice Breakers

Expect the following ones to result in some rib-tickling responses and plenty of laughs.

  1. What’s your favorite work from home joke?
  2. Describe any funny household noises you have sat through in a virtual meeting.
  3. What is the funniest movie you have seen and would want to see again?
  4. What are your favorite games that you play on your PC during a break?
  5. What is your constant online distraction while working? Facebook, Video Games, YouTube, or any other app or website?
  6. What nickname have your family and friends given to you?
  7. Where do you like working the most from at home and why?
  8. How has working virtually added more fun to your life?
  9. Do you listen to music while working? Which is your favorite band and song?
  10. Have you ever worked virtually from a café or park bench? What was it like?

Movie Mania Ice Breakers

Experience the magic of movies, conjuring up some nostalgia and fan moments.

  1. Which Hollywood star do you or did you have a crush on?
  2. What would be your elevator pitch to Tom Cruise?
  3. Which movie would you watch again to unwind?
  4. Which cartoon character has you laughing out loud?
  5. Which web series would you like to binge-watch with friends?

Terrific Teams Ice Breakers

Unleash the fun of being on a team with these ice breakers.

  1. Which team would you like to be on, X-Men or Avengers? And why?
  2. If you are Batman, who in your team would you want as Robin?
  3. Which superpower do you wish you had to take your team to the next level?
  4. What if the next physical team meeting is planned at your home? What would you serve us?
  5. How about showing the team your home or your workspace?
  6. What team sports did you play in school, and what was your role?
  7. Can you share any fun team moments you can’t forget from your school/college days?
  8. Complete the sentence: teams are fun because_________
  9. Imagine you’re the team leader. Now think up and share a funny ice breaker you would ask your team.
  10. Who’s The Joker in your team?

Blast From the Past and Future Forward Ice Breakers

These cool questions will have everyone traveling in a time machine.

  1. If you could travel through time, which year/decade would you like to go to?
  2. What fashion trend of yesteryears would you like to see in the future?
  3. What work-from-home tip would you give to your future self?
  4. It’s 2050, and you’re writing your autobiography. What would be its title?
  5. Which celebrity would you like to be reborn as, and why?

Happy Health Ice Breakers

These ice breaker questions are great to have teams bond over what keeps each one fit, calm, and energized.

  1. What’s your daily exercise routine?
  2. What do you drink to stay healthy?
  3. Music, movies, meditation, or secret magic—what keeps you mentally calm and happy?
  4. Who would you like as your workout partner from your team?
  5. What is your favorite dessert? Would you give it up to keep fit?

Get More Ice Breakers From Online Platforms and Sites

There are many online team-building platforms for remote teams. Plus, many team-oriented and collaboration companies offer ice-breaking questions, games, and activities that you can use for your virtual meetings.

A few such websites you can explore are QuizBreaker, Conceptboard, Coworker, and Water Cooler Trivia.

Make Virtual Meetings Exciting With Fun Ice Breaker Questions

With fun ice breaker questions on the agenda, your virtual meetings can be friendly, enjoyable, and more productive too. You can use the ones listed above anytime to have people connect and share.

So get the fun vibes flowing in your next virtual meeting with these ice breaker questions, or plan them as a part of the post-meeting happy hour. You could even suggest them to your team leaders for everyone to have a good time together.

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