5 Apps You Can Use to Make Your Mac Look Like Windows

If you’re a Mac user, there’s a good chance you’ve wished your computer looked more like Windows at some point. Luckily, there are several different apps that you can use to change the appearance of your Mac.

If you’re one of those users who recently switched to macOS from Windows, some of the apps we’re about to discuss will let you work with files and folders in a more familiar way. So, without further ado, let’s see what you need to make your Mac look like Windows:

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1. Get the Windows Taskbar With uBar

The Dock is an integral part of macOS, but it lacks many of the functions offered by the Windows taskbar. With the help of uBar, you can replace the macOS Dock with the Windows taskbar.

The uBar taskbar works exactly the way the Windows taskbar does, which means you can position it on any side of the screen and hover your cursor over an app in the taskbar to preview it.

The app also supports the use of multiple monitors. Each monitor will have its own taskbar, only displaying apps that are being used on that monitor. The app’s “Mirror mode” will let you use the same taskbar on all monitors.

Download: uBar (Free, premium version available)

2. Customize Your Dock With ActiveDock

ActiveDock is another app for the Mac that will replace the macOS Dock with a dock that retains the Apple look but functions like the Windows Taskbar. Unlike uBar, ActiveDock offers more customization, including the option to add a Start button.

ActiveDock is an excellent option if you want your Mac to have a uniform look but with Windows functionalities.

It lets you customize the dock’s appearance by creating custom icons for apps and folders. Like uBar, ActiveDock also allows you to preview an app quickly by hovering over it.

Download: ActiveDock (Free, premium version available)

3. Add More Features to Finder With XtraFinder

Let’s be honest; the searching and sorting capabilities of Mac’s Finder app are subpar at best. And one of the things that new Mac users hate about switching is realizing that you can’t cut files on Mac the same way you do on Windows.

That’s where XtraFinder comes in. With XtraFinder, all you have to do is press Command + X to cut files or folders. Pressing the Return key will open the file/folder instead of renaming it. These nifty little shortcuts can really boost your productivity if you recently migrated from Windows and are struggling with Mac shortcuts.

With XtraFinder, you’ll also get an unlimited clipboard. Although you can view the clipboard history on your Mac, the built-in clipboard is very limited in keeping track of files you’ve copied or cut.

You can buy the app for $4.99, but the app also has an unlimited trial version.

Download: XtraFinder (Free, premium version available)

On a Mac, you can’t just drag a window to a certain position on the screen and have it resized automatically. You can use two apps side by side in Split View on your Mac, but on Windows, you can resize an app to even a quarter of the screen!

BetterSnapTool is an app that mimics that functionality on the Mac. You can use it to drag a window to drop anywhere on the screen, and it will resize accordingly. It offers plenty of customization options, including assigning keyboard shortcuts and changing the way apps are resized.

Download: BetterSnapTool (Premium version only)

5. Change Your Shortcut Keys With Witch

The Windows way of switching windows within an app is far more intuitive than how you do it on Mac. Using Witch, you can change the shortcut keys you use to switch between different apps and windows or tabs within apps.

You can add Witch to the menu bar, which allows even faster switching between apps. You can also use it to search for apps, though it’s unlikely you’ll ever use that feature since Spotlight works quite well. In fact, Spotlight is one of the best macOS features everyone should use.

Download: Witch (Free, premium version available)

Turn Your Mac Into Windows

Mac is leagues ahead of Windows in terms of user experience and design, but some things just look and feel better on the latter, especially if you’ve been a Windows user for years.

Using the apps mentioned here, you can easily make your Mac look like a Windows PC or laptop without installing a new operating system using Boot Camp or any virtualization software.

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