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5 Best External SSDs for iPad Pro You Should Buy

Apple’s iPad Pros are exceptional tablets and are a joy to use. The base model iPad Pros also provide good value for money, but you only get 128GB of storage. Pairing them with external SSDs makes them easier to work with. Here are the 5 best external SSDs for iPad Pro that you should buy.

5 Best External SSDs for iPad Pro You Should Buy

The latest iPad Pros come with a USB-C port that supports Thunderbolt. That means you are getting super-high data throughput speeds. When you are using external SSDs, you won’t notice any dip in performance. Also, note that all the SSDs we have mentioned come in several storage configurations. You can choose the storage capacity based on your needs.

So, let’s get to our list, shall we? But before that,

1. Samsung T7 Portable SSD

The first thing you will notice about the Samsung T7 SSD is its sleek aluminum design. With a thickness of only 8mm and weighing only 58g, this is one of the most portable SSDs you can buy. The T7 SSD supports USB 3.2 Gen 2 standard, resulting in super-fast transfer speeds. You get sequential read speeds up to 1050MBps and write speeds up to 1,000MBps.

The Samsung T7 SSD has a solid aluminum unibody construction that can take a fall of up to 6 feet without sustaining any damage. It also comes with advanced thermal solutions such as ePCM technology and Dynamic Thermal Guard, ensuring that SSD operates at fast speeds while maintaining optimum temperature. 

You can also get the T7 touch variant of the SSD, which comes with on-device fingerprint authentication to keep your data secure. You will need to use either a Mac or Windows computer to set up the fingerprint. Once set up, it works without a hitch on iPad Pro. 

2. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe is quite a portable option. You get up to 1TB of storage inside a device that’s the size of your thumb. The Dual Drive Luxe features a two-in-one connection with a USB-C port on one side and USB-A on the other. That means you can connect even legacy devices with ease.

That said, you will be sacrificing transfer speeds for the extreme portability you are getting. Theoretically, you can expect up to 150MBps read speeds, with write speeds changing depending on the storage model you choose. The higher the storage capacity, the better will be the write speeds. 

You might find working off this storage device odd, owing to its slower read and write speeds. It’ll work best to take backups and transfer files between multiple devices.

3. WD My Passport SSD


The WD My Passport SSD is another excellent option of high-performance SSD for iPad Pro. With read speeds up to 1050MBps and write speeds up to 1000MBps, the SSD is perfect for putting multimedia files while you work on projects. It also features password enabled 256-bit AES hardware encryption to keep your data safe.

WD My Passport SSD also ups the ante in durability. You get up to 6.5 feet of drop resistance along with shock and vibration resistance. You can get this SSD in several storage configurations ranging from 500GB to 4TB.

4. SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable SSD

The SanDisk Extreme PRO SSD uses a performance NVMe drive with up to 2000MBps read and write speeds. It’s the perfect SSD for people who like to work off the external storage devices. The NVMe drive is packed inside a forged aluminum chassis that acts as a heatsink to deliver higher sustained speeds at optimal temperature.

The SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable also offers better durability. You get up to two meters of drop protection and IP55 water and dust resistance. The SSD also features 256-bit AES hardware encryption to safeguard your data.

If you are prone to losing his gadgets, you will appreciate the handy carabineer loop that can be used to secure the SSD by attaching it to your keychain or bag. You can get this SSD in up to 5TB storage configurations.

5. G-Technology G-DRIVE Mobile SSD

G-Technology G-DRIVE mobile SSD is for users who want the most durable SSD you can buy. If you are prone to dropping your gear and have destroyed a few SSDs in the past, you should consider purchasing this. It features a durable design with IP67 dust and water resistance, up to three meters of drop protection, and 1000lb crush resistance.

For this extreme protection, you are losing out on the fast transfer speeds as this SSD can reach theoretical read and write speeds of only 560MBps. While it’s slower than other full-size SSDs mentioned on this list, it should be enough for most users. 

We think that the best use case of this SSD is for creating long-term storage, backups, and archives. This durable SSD ensures that you won’t lose your files with water or drop damage. You can get this SSD in 500GB to 2TB storage configurations.

Buy These Excellent External SSDs to Expand your iPad Pro’s Storage

From ultra-portable to super-fast to extremely durable SSDs, these are the 5 best external SSDs that you can buy for your iPad Pro to expand its storage. Connect an SSD to your iPad Pro and work with it like a boss.

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