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5 Best Keyboard Cases for Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

With the Galaxy Tab S8, Samsung has stepped up its tablet game. This tablet sports a better battery life and is one of the best-performing Android tablets. However, you will need a keyboard case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S to get some work done.

Best Keyboard Cases for Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

The best part about these keyboard cases is that they also function as a cover. So, it saves the tablet from scratches and accidental falls. You can always fold the case like a book and carry it along with you.

So, without further ado, here are the best keyboard cases for the Galaxy Tab S8. But first,

1. Wineecy Backlit Keyboard Case

The Wineecy keyboard case brings the best of both worlds with a TPU shell and a faux leather exterior. The TPU casing keeps the tablet safe, while the leather exterior gives it an elegant look. Also, the keyboard keys match the color of the case. You can snap off the keyboard from the case when you don’t need it.

The Wineecy keyboard case is highly functional and works well. Several users have praised its functionality and comfort. You can adjust it to binge on your favorite Netflix shows – remove the keyboard, fold the case and prop it up. Similarly, you can snap off the case and use the tablet in portrait mode. The Wineecy keyboard case for the Galaxy Tab S8 is sturdy, and if you do not want to spend money on a case, this one is worth considering.

2. Fintie Keyboard Case

Another affordable keyboard case for the Galaxy Tab S8 is the one by Fintie. Its a Bluetooth keyboard, which is swappable and makes for a comfortable typing experience. The soft press and the responsive nature of the keys are loved by many users.

Like the one above, the keyboard attaches magnetically to the case. That means you can easily remove it to enjoy movies and TV shows. Interestingly, it’s lightweight and doesn’t add bulk to the tablet, making it easier to carry. However, you may have to reposition the keyboards quite a few times. The keys are not backlit.

3. Juqitech Backlit Keyboard Case

Do you want the keys on your keyboard to change color? You might want to check out the Juqitech Backlit Keyboard Case which offers 7-color backlight. You can cycle between the colors with just a key press. Also, the price doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Like its counterparts above, this Juqitech case is also smart, meaning your Galaxy Tab S8 will automatically wake up when you flip open the cover. Similarly, it will go to sleep when you close the cover.

The Bluetooth keyboard is comfortable to type in. One of the users has confirmed that the tactile feedback of the keys adds to the typing experience. And for a compact keyboard, the keys have enough space in between to let you type comfortably.

Again, the keyboard is attached to the case via magnets, and if you want to use the tablet in portrait mode, you will have to remove the keyboard. The battery inside lasts a long time. Surprisingly, the company provides charging cables.

The Juqitech keyboard is a popular keyboard case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and has over 1,200 user ratings. People love its easy-to-use nature and the value-for-money proposition. However, do note that the case tends to get dirty pretty quickly.

4. Infiland Backlit Keyboard Case

The Infiland Backlit Keyboard is more expensive than its counterparts above and brings an armored case to the table. It’s an apt case for you if you and your children plan to use the tablet together. The hardcover easily absorbs the impacts of falls and a the same time, prevents scratchings and other marks. The keys are backlit, and you can cycle between 7 colors.

The keys are easy to type. However, The ends of the keyboard are not raised. So, you might have to adjust with it if you are not used to typing on flat surfaces.

It has a dedicated slot for the S Pen. Plus, you can detach the keyboard and use it like a normal case. However, magnets on the case mean you may have to adjust the position of the keyboard frequently. Since it’s an armored case, it’s a tad on the heavy side.

5. Samsung Slim Book Cover

Samsung’s official case is suitable if you do not want to stray from the Samsung ecosystem. The highlight of this case is its magnetic attachment. And the feature that makes it stand aside from the rest is its sturdy design. Naturally, the sturdy case will protect both the keyboard and the tablet from the elements during falls and drops.

Despite the cramped design, the keyboard is comfortable to use. The keys are well-designed and have decent travel time for a compact keyboard. This makes it comfortable to type. The folks at Laptop Mag could get around 82 words per minute with 98% accuracy during their test.

Like all the keyboards above, it has an internal slot to keep the S Pen when not in use. And the magnetic attachment means you do not have to go through the hassles of Bluetooth pairing.

The Samsung Slim Book Cover is more expensive than its counterparts above. So it would have been nice if Samsung included a nifty touchpad.

Type Like a Pro

These were some of the keyboard cases for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. If you are looking for the best typing experience, the Samsung Slim Book Cover and the Juqitech keyboard cases are your best bet. The Juqitech is inexpensive and gets the job done like a pro.

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