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6 Best iPad 9th Generation Keyboard Cases

The entry-level 9th generation iPad with its A13 Bionic chipset, 10.2-inch retina display, and iPadOS 15 is the best affordable iPad that Apple has ever launched. The best thing about this iPad is that it supports both Apple Pencil and external keyboards, making it an excellent device for students and professionals. 

best ipad 9th genreation keyboard cases

The 9th generation iPad supports Bluetooth keyboards and keyboards that use Apple’s Smart Connector. While the Smart Connector keyboard offers the best typing experience, the Bluetooth keyboards are not far behind. The main benefits of Bluetooth keyboards are that they are more affordable, and they can work even when you detach the iPad from the case. Here are the best iPad 9th generation keyboard cases you can buy.

But first,

1. Fintie Keyboard Case for iPad

1. Fintie Keyboard Case for iPad

If you are looking for an affordable Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad 9th generation, check out the Fintie keyboard case. It features a hard laptop-style keyboard with keys made using high-end ABS material. The keys have enough travel and feature a spring mechanism with a tactile response. Since it’s a Bluetooth keyboard, you can use it even when the iPad is not in the case.

The Fintie Keyboard case has a slim design and adjustable stand. It also has a built-in Apple Pencil holder to safely store your Apple Pencil. It’s also a protective case featuring a durable PU leather cover, flexible TPU back shell, and anti-slip rubber-lined interior. 

The keyboard is available in several color options, and users love it because of its tactical typing experience and sturdy build. 

2. Logitech Slim Folio iPad Keyboard Case

2. Logitech Slim Folio iPad Keyboard Case

Logitech makes some of the best iPad cases, and their Slim Folio case for the 9th generation iPad is no different. It’s perfect for users looking for a premium keyboard that delivers a great typing expense. The keyboard even has iOS shortcut keys, giving users access to more features like media control, brightness control, and others. 

The case uses an advanced Bluetooth LE connection for better stability and consumes less energy. Thanks to this, the keyboard promises four years of battery life. There’s a handy Apple Pencil holder that keeps it secure and in easy reach. 

The Logitech Slim Folio case also delivers ample protection by covering the iPad from corner to corner to let it can easily handle a few drops and bumps. The low profile keys offer a premium typing experience. 

3. Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad

3. Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad

If you are looking for an ultra-slim keyboard case, check out the Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad. It uses Apple’s Smart Connector for establishing a connection, so you neither have to deal with any Bluetooth connectivity issues nor remember to charge your keyboard as it draws power from the iPad itself. 

It offers a good typing experience, but users who enjoy tactical feedback from the keys will not enjoy typing on this keyboard. Also, the case doesn’t cover the back of the device and only protects the fronts. 

Get this keyboard for an instant connection with iPad and forget all Bluetooth woes.

4. Logitech Rugged Folio

4. Logitech Rugged Folio

The Logitech Rugged Folio case for the 9th generation iPad is a better option for users who want the instant connectivity of Apple’s Smart Connector and a tactile typing experience. As the name suggests, the case features rugged construction that provides all-around protection to the iPad. The detachable keyboard offers an excellent typing experience and gets out of your way when you don’t need it.

Logitech has used a durable membrane that seals in the keyboard and protects it from accidental liquid mishaps. The keyboard also has an adjustable kickstand that lets you use the iPad in sketching, viewing, and typing modes. 

The Logitech Rugged Folio is a better product than the Apple Smart Keyboard for most users. It offers robust protection, a good typing experience, and protects against accidental spills.

5. Brydge Wireless Keyboard

5. Brydge Wireless Keyboard

The Brydge wireless keyboard for iPad is a unique keyboard that turns your iPad into a laptop. The keyboard is made out of a single piece of high-grade aluminum that feels as premium as the iPad itself. The heavy base together with Brydge’s patented hinge design, deliver complete viewing flexibility, ranging from 0 to 180 degrees.

Typing on this keyboard feels like typing on a premium laptop. One of the best things about this keyboard is that it’s backlit, so you can use your iPad at night without any issues. You also get iOS shortcut keys for controlling media, brightness, and more. 

While a bit costly, the Brydge keyboard is perfect for people who wished their iPad was a laptop. The only drawback of this keyboard is that you still have to use Bluetooth for pairing, which can be finicky at times.

6. Logitech Combo Touch for iPad

6. Logitech Combo Touch for iPad

Costing almost half the price of the iPad itself, the Logitech Combo Touch for iPad is the best keyboard case you can buy for your iPad. It connects using Apple’s Smart Connector and delivers a premium typing experience, and it also features a built-in trackpad that works like a charm. 

You can use the trackpad for navigation, scrolling long documents and webpages, editing text documents, and everything else you do with a trackpad. The keyboard features well-spaced backlit keys to type even in the dark easily. You also get a full row of iOS shortcut keys for controlling brightness, volume, and other features. 

The keyboard case comes with an adjustable kickstand that offers up to 40 degrees of tilt and a loop for storing your Apple Pencil. If you want to use a trackpad with your iPad, this is for you.

Use These Keyboard Cases With Your iPad and Improve Your Productivity

Attaching a keyboard to your iPad makes it more versatile and helps you get the work done in far less time. The affordable Fintie keyboard makes more sense if you want a Bluetooth keyboard. On the other hand, Logitech Rugged Folio is the perfect choice for users who want effortless connectivity and a good typing experience. If you want the laptop experience, the Logitech Combo Touch with a built-in trackpad is for you. 

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