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6 Great Strategy Games You Can Play on Your Mac

Strategy games can be intriguing and fun—even for simple casual gamers—because, at one point in the past, everyone has played one strategy game or the other. They require thought, imagination, and teamwork, making them a timeless genre of games that cut across a wide demographic.

So, if you’re a Mac user thinking you can’t enjoy a good choice of strategy games, then you’re wrong. With Steam, you can expand your range beyond the App Store and obtain various classic strategy video games. Below, we’ll look at some of the best strategy games for your Mac.

1. Divinity: Original Sin II

In today’s gaming world, where some games are full of micro-transactions, subpar storytelling, and repetitive gaming mechanics, Divinity: Original Sin II comes as a revitalizing breath of fresh air. This game packs world-class fantasy storytelling and wraps it in a turn-based tactical strategy game.

While there is a single-player offline mode, you can play DOS2 with your friends in its multiplayer LAN mode and enjoy a Dungeons & Dragons-like experience with its narrative storytelling style.

Divinity: Original Sin II is one of the most well-received RPG games of all time, winning Game of the Year in 2017 and enjoying good ratings from players and critics alike. Not only does it look good from a graphics perspective, but Larian Studios has also built interesting interactive game mechanics that can make every new campaign a fresh experience.

Download: Divinity: Original Sin II ($44.99)

2. Cities: Skylines

Do you feel SimCity is a bit too old-fashioned for you? Or you’re not quite scratching your city-building itch? Then, it’s simply because Cities: Skylines might be missing from your gaming life.

Cities: Skylines blends photo-realistic graphics and architectural building assets with a wide expanse of terrains and places it in a sandbox for you to create your dream city.

As you navigate your ever-expanding city through natural disasters, resource management, pollution, and education, you get to enjoy the game’s realistic ambiance, orchestral soundtrack, and a sense of proud accomplishment that you built everything you see.

Thanks to the Paradox community, Cities: Skylines enjoys extensive mod and DLC support, allowing you to fine-tune your experience as much as you like.

Download: Cities: Skylines ($22.99)

3. Sid Meier’s Civilization V

No strategy games list is complete without the iconic Sid Meier’s Civilization V, sometimes dubbed the “best turn-based strategy game of all time.”

In Civ V, you get to play as the ruler of a civilization and guide it to victory against other civilizations. What “victory” is depends on the parameters you set before playing; it could be simply scoring the most points or something as absolute as total world domination. Your civilization will start from the lowliest stone ages and develop all the way to the Space Age if you so desire.

With multiple mechanics, layers, currencies, and points, Civilization V is simple to grasp yet difficult to master, making it a lifetime’s journey of getting good at.

You might not be able to play Sid Meier’s Civilization V against other Windows players in online multiplayer mode. This is because macOS from version 10.15 only support 64-bit programs, but the multiplayer launcher is a 32-bit program. If you aren’t sure of your Mac’s firmware, here’s how to check what version of macOS you’ve got installed.

Download: Sid Meier’s Civilization V ($29.99)

4. Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies has remained one of the top strategy games since its release in 2008. This tower-defense-type game won the game of the year when it came out against contenders like Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Fallout 3.

Simple, challenging, and highly addictive, Plants vs. Zombies presents a humorous and wholesome approach to strategy gaming. You’ll be surprised how accessible it is for people new to gaming and young children.

You can choose your plant loadout before a level and arrange them to stop the zombies from getting to your house. Different plants have different powers and resilience, and combining all the many plants in PvZ can result in very interesting strategy gaming.

The game is also very light in terms of disk space and now has a mobile version you can get for free (with ads) on your iPhone or iPad. If you’re interested in getting other mobile games, you should check out our best free mobile games without ads.

Download: Plants vs. Zombies ($4.99)

5. Crusader Kings III

Where political intrigue, history, and medieval warfare meet strategy, you will find Crusader Kings III at the very top. CK3 builds on its predecessors with better UI and tools, presenting players with an even richer strategy and RPG experience.

In Crusader Kings, you get to assume the role of a noble in the Middle Ages as you make choices that affect your kingdom, family, friends, and individual. Produce heirs, dodge assassination plots, and pay your tithes to the Pope—or choose not to—all have rippling consequences and rewards in this game.

While Crusader Kings III might be difficult for newer gamers, there’s no denying how much of a powerful storytelling machine it is. Nothing waits for the player in Crusader Kings; your decisions are just one thread in a larger weave.

Download: Crusader Kings III ($49.99)

6. Prison Architect

Don’t let the simple graphics fool you into thinking Prison Architect is no fun; this game is a quality simulation game and probably the best prison management game on Steam.

As the Warden, you face the challenges of managing all the nitty-gritty details of your prison, from riots to toilet stalls. Even though there are different ways to play the game, you will generally ensure your prisoners are happy by giving them space, food, and electricity—while ensuring you have enough money.

Because of the various ways you can approach this strategy game, Prison Architect offers great replayability and fun, even in the little details like watching the prisoners’ behaviors.

Download: Prison Architect ($29.99)

Add a Pinch of Strategy to Your Gaming Sessions

Developers never go wrong making a strategy game because it mixes well with all other genres. Strategy and simulation can combine to make a game like Cities: Skylines or combine with RPG elements to make Divinity: Original Sin II.

Games are a great way to distract yourself and escape reality. So, you may as well do it in a mentally stimulating way by playing any of these strategy games. But don’t forget that there are other exciting genres too.

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