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6 Online Games You Can Play With Friends Using Zoom

Zoom is a widely used platform by all kinds of people for various purposes. Some use it for work, others for classes, and there are those who turn to it simply to connect with loved ones.

Among the best ways to spend quality time together is to play some games. Zoom lets you take your game night to the next level, keeping you and your friends entertained no matter where you are.


Let’s check out some online games you can play with your friends using Zoom.

1. Chess With a Friend

Chess is one of those board games everyone knows of, yet finding someone to play with is often way more difficult than anticipated. And even if you do find an opponent, sometimes you can’t play because you don’t have access to a board. That’s why online chess is awesome.

As long as you have an internet connection, you’re good to go. There are plenty of websites you can find. Some, like, let you play against a computer, and others, like MathsIsFun, give you the choice to go against the computer or a friend. Usually, you also get to choose the difficulty level, time, and pieces you play with, to ensure the game is set up exactly how you want it.

Whether you’re a complete novice or an expert player, playing chess online is a great way to spend the afternoon. If you set a play date with a friend, you can use Zoom alongside your gameplay, so you can chat throughout the game and spend some face-to-face time together.

Escape rooms are a relatively new addition to the realm of in-person games, but they’ve become quite popular since their introduction in 2007. And they’ve gone online, too.

So, you no longer have to go through the motions of getting all your friends together for an outing and trying to find an escape room close enough to everyone, so it works. Instead, you can have all the fun online.

Beat The Lock is an excellent option for people looking to enjoy an escape room entirely virtually. You book a single virtual room that hosts between four and 12 people, and you play on Zoom with a game master who’s there to engage with the group and improve the experience.

Zoom offers an easy way for everyone to interact by joining the video conference call from their homes. Once the game begins, you’ll see various videos and pictures, everything you need to have fulfilling gameplay.

3. Whodunnit (Virtual Murder Mystery)

Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery, even more so if it’s a virtual one? You can have the same fun without leaving your home, and Whodunnit is a fantastic option to explore.

The Whodunnit website provides a thorough explanation of how to play the game, so you can always turn to it if you need help keeping up with the rules and expectations of the gameplay.

You can play Whodunnit as a host or guest. To play, all the participants need to download the app. The Whodunnit app is free and available for both Android and iOS devices.

As the host, you’re the one who buys the theme from the Theme Shop on the app, and the guests play for free. All the themes allow up to seven characters, but if your group is bigger, you can pay to add more character packs. You then add details and invite your guests. It’s a much simpler process for the guests—they just show up once the host has prepped the scene.

It’s a fun and involved game. You can dress up to match your character, decorate your location, and put in as much or as little effort as you want. And thanks to Zoom, everyone can see how the others look and act, and you can all make the most out of the gameplay session.

4. Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party (Virtual Murder Mystery)

If the idea of murder mysteries is appealing to you, but you’re not that enthused to actually play, there’s an option for you—be a viewer instead of a participant.

You can enjoy Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party on YouTube. It’s an easy way for your friends to get together, and you can all be included in the viewing.

You can host a Zoom call with you or a friend sharing your screen via Zoom and playing the YouTube playlist while everyone enjoys the story unfolding.

You can make assumptions and bets on what will happen next and who the murderer turns out to be and just have a grand time with zero pressure. You can focus on having fun together instead of on the game cause, let’s face it, some games can be pretty stressful, and that’s a chill way to play together without actually playing.

While bingo can be fun, online bingo is even better. It’s more convenient,and you can do it with your friends from the comfort of your respective couches.

My Free Bingo Cards offers a ton of instructional videos on how to run your virtual bingo game, use the bingo card generator, send out virtual bingo cards, and so on. Every part of the game process is explained either through videos or a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section.

You can play online bingo with up to 30 friends, and if you want to add even more players, you can buy additional slots. Paying online bingo together is another fun way to have and enjoy a game night with friends using Zoom.

If you’re all participating in a video call and playing bingo together, it’s easy to track everyone’s progress and reactions and just make the most of your time together, chatting and having fun.

6. Board Games With Friends Over Zoom

With Zoom, you’ll have all your friends in one place, able to talk to and see each other. This gives you the awesome opportunity to play board games together over Zoom, old-school style.

Someone can whip out a board game, like Monopoly or Pandemic, and move the pieces for everyone. If you all have the game, then everyone can do that. Other games that are easy to play through Zoom like that include Dungeons & Dragons or even something as simple as Charades or Pictionary.

Game Nights Have Gotten So Much Easier

Video conferencing services have made it so much easier to connect with people. You can see friends and forget that you’re all in different places, far apart.

Using Zoom, you can play different kinds of games with friends, which allows for many fun and event-filled sessions. So, pick a game and dive in with friends, no matter where you all are.

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