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Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When you’re riding a motorbike, you’re exposed. If you’re involved in accidents, you’re more likely to suffer more significant injuries. Motorcyclists have nearly 29 times as likely to be killed when they are involved in accidents than passengers in cars. If you’re injured in a motorbike accident, it is essential to ensure that you have the right team of legal and medical experts by your side. This is where the most experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help.

Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you find the top motorcycle accident lawyers around town.

Finding the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

There are various options available in your city for all kinds of personal injury lawyers. There are ads everywhere, and you could be overwhelmed by the number of choices. Here are some essential things to consider when speaking to lawyers for accidents to ensure that you select the right lawyer to meet your needs.

Get a Referral

Begin by establishing a network. If you’re a rider, you probably know people who have ridden and were involved in accidents. Check out the person they used and whether they would recommend them. This is an excellent method of identifying someone you can trust, knowing they assisted a family or friend member in a similar circumstance.

Ask About Motorcycle Accident Experience

Personal injury lawyers are available in many styles, so don’t believe that an attorney who handles auto accidents is the expert you require as a motorcycle crash victim. Choose a lawyer who is experienced in motorbike accidents daily. Ask them specifically how many cases they’ve handled over the last year. This will let you know that they know the intricacies and nuances of motorbike accidents. This will help you receive the most favorable settlement possible in your situation.

Review Their Track Record

Find out how your lawyer’s performance has been in motorcycle cases. You’re looking to find out the number of cases that have resulted in settlements and the number of cases that have been lost. You’re looking for those with reasonable settlement amounts in most instances. If you’re interested in their past and track record, you should also look into their courtroom performance. Some lawyers may concentrate on settlements outside of court, but if your case isn’t settled, it will require a skilled litigator to bring it to court.

Works on Contingency Fees

Most personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency fee, meaning they earn their fees from the amount you receive. That means there must be no costs out of pocket to hire a lawyer and let them represent you. The typical fee for attorneys is between 33% and 40%, or higher if the case goes to trial. If the fee is within this band, you’re working with a professional who follows the industry standard. Your lawyer will be able to explain the fee structure to you and then provide the fee agreement to sign. Take note that you could be responsible for expenses out of pocket and the contingent fee.

Has a Communication Schedule

Motorbike accident cases may take a long time to settle or go to court. Inquire about the attorney’s timetable for communication. Expect to hear from your lawyer regarding the status of your case once every couple of weeks. You should be able to contact your attorney if you have any questions. Be sure they have a setup in their office that makes communication easier.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you don’t have an attorney, the insurance company may provide medical expenses and repair your bike, and that’s all. But there’s much more to the case than just medical bills. A lawyer representing you in a motorcycle accident will ensure that the loss of earnings and the pain and suffering are also included in the negotiation. The result is that hiring an attorney means you will have an advocate by your side to get the highest amount of money possible. They can help you navigate the claim process.

Interview Several Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Before making your final decision, speak to at least three lawyers for motorcycle accidents to determine which one you feel the best about. Consultations are free, and there’s nothing to lose by speaking to various lawyers. Please find out about their personality. One of the last things you’d like to do is feel as if you’re just a person in their file, not someone who is important to them.


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