Eat More Greens With These 5 Apps for Plant-Based Recipes

If you’re trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, then it’s a good idea to make them as tasty and appealing as possible. Once you learn a few tricks about preparing palatable plant-based meals, eating more of them will be no challenge at all. These plant-based recipe apps will give you all the meal ideas you need to make eating your veggies a joy. They’ll help you freshen up your regular meal routine in no time, and you might even discover a new favorite dish along the way.

1. Garden Plate

The Garden Plate app features more than 65 plant-based recipes, from salads to desserts, along with tons of bright, clear photos. It’s a one-stop shop for access to plenty of meals, snacks, and more, all powered by plants.

Pesto zucchini pasta, salsa fresca stuffed avocados, and lemon bars are just a few of the creations offered here. There are plenty of ways to create delicious meals that meet these requirements. For example, you can filter for vegan, gluten-free, or raw recipes. A Favorites tab keeps up with all your most-loved dishes.

To make things easier, you can add all the ingredients for a recipe to your in-app shopping list. The shopping list can also include ingredients for multiple recipes, making your eventual trip to the store a lot simpler. If this interests you, you’ll also want to check out vegan and gluten-free recipe websites, too.

Download: Garden Plate for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Seeds: Plant-Based Recipes

With clear cooking instructions and over 60 different ideas, the Seeds: Plant-based recipes app makes it easy to whip up a curry, crepe, or some other creation in no time. New recipes appear regularly, so you’ll often have something unique to try.

The home screen features a large list of meal photos you can scroll through until your mouth waters. The variety of recipe types quickly becomes apparent as beautiful, colorful photos of pad Thai, a sushi bowl, and even ratatouille zip by. Meanwhile, the Daily Recommendations section offers up new ideas for any meal.

Once you find a recipe to make, simply tap on the photo for the ingredients list and step-by-step instructions. The instruction portion is also peppered with handy reference photos. You can use Siri to easily progress through the instruction steps because sometimes you literally have your hands full while cooking. This app is free to try, but you will need a yearly subscription for full access.

Download: Seeds: Plant-based recipes app for iOS (Free, subscription available)

3. Oh She Glows

A companion to the popular Oh She Glows websites, this app offers elegant recipes and presents them beautifully. A lot of effort and care went into the creation of each recipe featured in the app, and the work definitely shows.

It’s fun to scroll through the vast library to see what catches your eye. The app features plenty of classics, but there are some unexpected twists as well. How about a gourmet chia seed pudding, or an energizing broccoli dal? These recipes offer a chance to eat more plants and try out some totally new flavors in the process.

In addition to the ingredients and directions, each recipe also features a headnote about its creation. It outlines the ingredients and often includes hints for substitutions or different cooking methods. A tip section at the end offers even more advice. In other words, you’ll have plenty of options.

The filter section makes it easy to find the perfect dish for your particular situation. With choices like homemade staples, Instant Pot, and party favorites, you’ll get a collection of recipes that are just what you need. There’s also a large selection of beverage ideas, including lemonade and golden milk, as well as a collection of enticing, gorgeous desserts. It’s enough to create everything from regular weekday dinners to full holiday meals.

Download: Oh She Glows for iOS ($1.99) | Android ($2.49)

4. EatMorePlants

Featuring more than 100 plant-based recipes, the EatMorePlants app gets updated weekly, so you always have a new dish to try out. The recipes cover a variety of cuisines and flavors, keeping your meal rotation interesting and fresh.

Baba Ganoush, a papaya salad, and edamame dumplings are only a few of the creations included. You can also sort by recipe types, from breakfasts to desserts, while another option in the app’s settings allows you to sort by dietary requirements such as nut-free and gluten-free.

Tap your recipe of choice to view the ingredients list, cooking directions, and tips, as well as the option to add ingredients to your shopping list. Plenty of entirely vegan meals are also included, such as vegan ramen noodles and vegan pesto. If you’re into all-plant meals, then check out some of the best vegetarian and vegan apps out now.

Download: EatMorePlants for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

5. Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Dive into around 400 recipes with the extensive Easy Vegetarian Recipes app. Almost any veggie dish you can dream up is here, so just download and start browsing. It will take a while to scroll through even a portion of the generous offerings.

Although the recipe instructions can be a bit text-heavy, they are thorough and detailed enough for even novice cooks. Sort recipes at the very top of the app into Top Rated, Latest, and Popular categories. There’s humor and personality in the explanations, too—the Immune Booster Juice recipe calls for “as much fresh ginger as you can bear,” for instance.

Recipes for bread, drinks, salads, salad dressings, dessert, chili, curries, and much more are all included. It’s a large and well-rounded collection of dishes, particularly for a free app.

Download: Easy Vegetarian Recipes for Android (Free)

Enjoy More Fruits and Vegetables With Plant-Based Recipe Apps

Creating delicious dishes with fruits and vegetables has never been easier because there’s something out there for every taste and preference. Whether you’re a longtime vegetarian or vegan or simply trying to get more vegetables into your daily meals, these plant-based recipe apps will give you plenty of inspiration. Find your new favorite recipe now.

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