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How Reedsy Can Help You Translate Your Book and Reach International Readers

If your book sells well in one country, it could do the same in another. To truly open up new markets, however, a book has to be translated, a task that needs planning and experience—but one that brings many benefits.

Apart from hiring a reliable literary translator, it’s important to choose your next market carefully and venture into one language at a time.

Reedsy is here to help with all of this. The platform offers different resources that can support your book on its way to new audiences.

Learn How to Research Foreign Markets

Successfully launching your translated book takes more research than publishing in your own market. A good first step is reading up on what to prepare for.

Reedsy’s book translation guide gives you a basic rundown of how to plan your work’s introduction into a new market. It involves key responsibilities like:

  • Understanding the global book market.
  • Finding and vetting a translator.
  • Deciding the scope of the translation.
  • Formatting and publishing your book to the country’s standards.

The goal is to transform and package your work, whether it’s a single novel or series, in a way that will attract your target audience. Even choosing between a Kindle or physical book format can affect your publication’s impact.

Work With a Suitable Translator

Books are different from articles or essays in terms of style, character, structure, and more. They need experienced translators who know how to handle them, so you can’t just hire anyone bilingual and hope for the best.

Look for literary translators with a clear knowledge of their markets. Experience in creative writing is also a crucial asset. Even better, if they write in your genre, they stand a greater chance of understanding you and delivering a quality translation.

A good place to start your search for professionals is Reedsy’s book translation service. You can learn how and when to partner up with a translator, as well as what budget you’ll need.

Present Your Book in a Way That New Audiences Will Love

Different countries have different tastes, even in book design. No matter how beautiful your cover and interior are now, be ready to adapt them or create new ones from scratch to meet the needs of your new market.

The principles of book design are no less essential for translated works. Before settling on your book’s new look, explore bestsellers in your chosen country and the characteristics of their design.

What appeals to readers? How are series designed? How can you apply those standards to your book?

Plan your translated book’s appearance in as much detail as possible, and it’ll be easier to communicate your needs to your designer. This is another case where a well-vetted expert is always better than a random professional.

Reedsy’s book designers and advice are at your service. The platform can guide you in finding someone with the right experience in international publishing and designing books for different markets and authors.

Understand Book-Buying Habits of International Markets

Circulating your book in a new country is a big process and commitment, so don’t cut corners. Do lots of research, strategize carefully, and hire the best people for the job, all of which Reedsy can help with.

Above all, spend time browsing popular trends and retailers in different markets. They can show you how to impress each new audience, while opening unexpected doors for your publishing and marketing campaigns.

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