How to Create a QR Code on Android

Quick Response codes, or QR codes for short, are digitally generated patterns used to store information. These codes might seem complicated to generate, but they aren’t. You can even create them on your Android phone.

There are tons of apps on Google Play that you can use to generate QR codes. All you have to do is choose the correct category, enter the required information, and generate your custom code.

So, let’s look at how you can create a QR code on your Android phone using an app from the Play Store.

How to Create QR Codes on Android

QR codes are widely used for digital payments, supply chain management, customer identification, and much more. The technology is adaptive and can be expanded for various other fun purposes. You can easily create a QR code with your desired features using Android apps.

The process of creating QR codes on most of these apps is quite similar. So, feel free to try any other app with good ratings to generate your code. We will be using the free QR Code Generator app for this guide.

QR Code Generator can help you create your custom codes with the help of more than 500 templates. You can make a QR code for a link to a website, a contact card, Wi-Fi credentials, and your social accounts, among others.

Download: QR Code Generator (Free, in-app purchases available)

To generate a QR code, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and, on the home screen, select the type of QR code you want to create, such as Text, Website, SMS, or any other from the options.
  2. After that, provide the required information that your code will contain. For example, up to 150 characters of text for Text; a website URL for Website; contact details such as name, phone number, and e-mail for Contact; and Wi-Fi network name, type of security, and password under the Wi-Fi category. There are many more types that it offers. Just fill in the information it needs for your required type of QR code, and it’ll generate one for you.
  3. Once the information is in place, tap Create and that’s it. The app will then generate your QR code.

An additional feature of this app is that it lets you customize your generated code in various ways, like changing the color of the code and styling the code dots. You can also add a logo to its center, and it also allows you to add a description of the code.

However, some of the templates and text styling options in this particular app can only be unlocked through in-app purchases. If you like these paid features, you can opt for a subscription.

How to Share QR Codes

After you’ve created your QR code, you can share it easily with anyone. You can save it as an image file and send it to your contacts, or it can also be shared as a link. The QR Code Generator app also allows you to share it with others using email and social sites.

Some codes, like the Wi-Fi codes, don’t need to be shared digitally. All you have to do is open the image file of the QR code on your phone and the other person can scan it off your phone’s screen to access the information.

It’s Easy to Make Your Own QR Codes

The modern industry is focused on automation to improve productivity. QR code is a great tool for automation that is fast and saves the hassle of entering data or making transactions manually. Being able to create your own enables you to share info much more conveniently.

And what if you want to scan QR codes instead? Here is a list of useful QR scanner apps to help you out.

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