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How to Remove a Stuck Disk From Your PS5

Getting a game disk — or, god forbid, any other sort of foreign object—stuck in your beloved PS5 is very stressful. There is, however, a simple trick that you can use to manually eject a disk that has become lodged in your console without having to completely dismantle it and potentially void your warranty.

So, if you have found yourself stuck in this pickle, keep reading to find out how to safely eject a disk that has become stuck in your PS5.

How to Easily Remove a Disk That Is Stuck in Your PS5

Before you panic about getting a disk stuck in your PS5, try this simple trick to see if you can remove it yourself before taking it in for repair. This trick is very simple to perform and doesn’t involve taking anything apart – except for the covers, of course.

These PS5 covers are thankfully extremely easy to remove and are designed to be taken off for cleaning or to be replaced with any of Sony’s range of colorful replacement shells. If you are in the market for some fancy new covers to personalize your PS5, feel free to check out our guide on how to replace your PS5 console covers.

But for now, follow the steps below to safely eject a stuck disk from your PS5:

  • Make sure that the console is turned off and all the cables are removed.
  • Place your console on a soft surface and remove the base.
  • Position your console so the PS logo is facing down, and the disk drive is facing to your left.
  • Place your hands at the top corners and gently lift up and down to remove the cover.
  • Once the cover has been removed, look for the large light gray panel. This is your disk drive.
  • You will see a black sticky tab that is covering one of the screws on the disk drive. Remove this cover to reveal the screw underneath.
  • Take a #1 Phillips head screwdriver and turn the screw clockwise until the disk is almost fully revealed.
  • Once the disk is out far enough you will be able to gently remove it. Don’t force the disk out.
  • Replace the cover by placing it in position and pushing it up into place.
  • If you were unable to remove the disk from your PS5, there is unfortunately nothing more you can do yourself without voiding the system’s warranty. The best solution at that point would be to send your PS5 console in for repair, so a professional can remove the disk for you.

    Try This Trick Before You Send Your Console Away

    Getting something stuck in your PS5 doesn’t have to be the nightmare it sounds like it would be. With this simple trick, you can remove stuck disks yourself with minimal stress and continue on your gaming adventures in no time.

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