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How to Retake a BeReal

On BeReal, you only have two minutes to capture your one post for the day, which can get a bit stressful. If the photo you take is not what you want or not good enough to post, you can retake your BeReal before posting it, as long as you have time left.

However, you shouldn’t overuse your ability to retake. Here is all you need to know about how to retake a BeReal.

How to Retake a BeReal

Retaking a BeReal is simple. The key is not to rush through posting it. After taking your dual camera photo, don’t click send. This will post the BeReal and make the process longer. Just tap the gray X icon on the top right of the photo. This will delete the photo and reopen the dual camera, so you can take a different BeReal.

The two-minute timer will not reset for your retake, so make sure you have time to post, especially if you love to get your BeReal posted on time. You won’t be blocked from posting after the two minutes, but it will say you were late on your BeReal.

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