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How to Use Snapchat’s Image Editing Tools

Have you ever wanted to quickly and easily alter an image to add text or graphics? How about adding a fun filter? Snapchat is an accessible way to edit photos or even create something new.

Here’s how you can use the social media app’s image editing tools…

Snapchat has a wide variety of tools to help you create whatever your imagination desires. Snapchat allows you to use its image editing tools on both images you take directly within Snapchat, and images you retrieve from your camera roll.

Using Snapchat editing tools you can add text to an image, draw a fun shape, resize an image, and even add custom-made stickers. Each of these tools is easily accessible and simple to learn for any Snapchat user.

How to Use Snapchat Filters

One of the most basic tools to start with is Snapchat’s filter tool. Although a filter sounds like a simple change, the wide variety of augmented reality filters that Snapchat has available can help you to really transform an image. You can also add more than one filter to an image if you wish if you’re struggling to choose between the best Snapchat filters.

Here’s how to get started…

First, take a picture within Snapchat, use a Snapchat memory, or choose a photo from your camera roll that you wish to edit using Snapchat image editing tools. Swiping up on the main camera screen of Snapchat will bring you to all of your existing photos.

You can either choose from your memories or toggle to the camera roll option to choose an image that wasn’t taken within Snapchat. If you scroll through the images and drag your finger on the right edge of the screen, you will notice date stamps appear that tell you the month and year of the photo section you are hovering over.

Once you have selected your photo, tap the pencil icon in the bottom-left corner. This will bring you to Snapchat’s editing suite.

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