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How to Use Vanish Mode on Instagram (and Why You Should)

You know how they say “the internet never forgets”? Now it can! With Instagram’s Vanish Mode, you can have private chats that disappear after the recipient has read them.

In this article, we’ll take you through how to use Vanish Mode on Instagram to have conversations that leave absolutely no traces.

What Is Vanish Mode?

Vanish Mode launched on Facebook Messenger in 2020, but it has been added to Instagram’s messaging features as well. The feature allows users to create and join temporary chat threads that are automatically erased when the chat ends.

Instagram Vanish Mode is very similar to Snapchat’s self-erasing feature, but it will only work when you turn it on manually. Also, the feature only works for chats with two people—it doesn’t work in group chats.

Eager to get in on this? Let’s check out how the disappearing message feature works!

How to Use Vanish Mode on Instagram

To activate Vanish Mode:

  • Open your Instagram app and click on the chat icon.
  • Select an existing message or create a new message thread, then scroll to the bottom of your chat.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of your screen and release your finger to activate Vanish Mode.
  • Once it is activated, Instagram will go into dark mode and some shushing emojis will fall from the top of your screen to signal that you are in Vanish Mode.
  • Your chat buddy also gets notified with a message on the screen that they are chatting in Vanish Mode. Go ahead and send your Instagram direct messages as normal.

    How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram

    To close the Vanish Mode feature:

  • Open a chat where you have enabled Vanish Mode.
  • Swipe up from the bottom side of your screen again, and hold your screen until you see Release to turn off Vanish Mode.
  • Swipe all the way up, and Vanish Mode will be disabled.
  • Once you close your chat window, all seen messages will disappear.

    If the feature does not appear to work in your app, make sure it’s up-to-date. If you have the latest version on Instagram and still cannot access Vanish Mode, it may not be available in your region.

    How Does Vanish Mode Work?

    Before you start using Instagram’s Vanish Mode, here are a few important things to note…

    You can only use Vanish Mode in one-on-one chats—it won’t work in group chats. Also, you’ll only be able to use Vanish Mode with contacts you follow or have made recent contact with. If the other person takes a screenshot of your messages in Vanish Mode, you’ll get notified immediately and vice versa.

    Only messages and media that you send after enabling Vanish Mode will disappear. Other messages you send when Vanish Mode is off will remain permanent unless you choose to unsend them. If you’re unsure, here’s how to unsend DMs on Instagram.

    If you send messages by mistake without turning on the Vanish Mode feature, your messages will show up like every other message. Vanish Mode will not automatically hide messages you send by mistake.

    Why You Should Use Vanish Mode

    Vanish Mode is perfect for you if you’re worried about snoopers looking through your chats. If safety and privacy are important to you (as we’re sure they are), then you should take advantage of the feature.

    You can also use Vanish Mode if you want to have a private chat with another Instagram user. For example, if you’re planning a surprise party for a friend or a loved one, you can share the details with other parties with Vanish Mode, so that there are no chances of leaking information.

    Break Out Of Your Messaging Shell

    All seen pictures, text, memes, stickers, or GIFs shared in Vanish Mode are gone forever as soon as you end the chat. As always, you can block anyone and also report a conversation if you do not feel safe. Feel free to break out of your e-shell and express yourself with this feature.

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