iPhone 15 Rumoured to come without a SIM card slot

sim slot iphone

Apple’s Latest iPhone 13 lineup was released in September, and the iPhone 14 is still months away from the launch. With iPhone 14 yet to hit the markets, Rumors around the internet Have it that the iPhone 15 might come with major hardware changes. One of these rumored changes is claims that Apple will ditch the physical SIM card slot in 2023.

While recent iPhone models have a physical nano-SIM card slot and a digital eSIM, iPhone 15 might not. According to a Brazilian Blog “do iPhone”, which claims that the 2023’s Pro models will not have physical SIM card slots and will rely entirely on eSIM technology for connectivity.

It is unclear if the non-Pro models will also depend entirely on eSIM tech or continue to use physical SIM cards.

Given that iPhone 15 Pro models are still two years away from being released. This rumor should be treated with some skepticism until it is corroborated by other sources.

If Apple does launch an iPhone without a SIM card slot, we could still see iPhones with a physical SIM-slot. This means it might not be available in countries where eSIM service is unavailable.

The removal of the SIM card slot could further improve water resistance. Rumor also has it that a portless iPhone without a Lightning connector will be released in the future. The lack of a SIM card slot would be another step towards a truly seamless design. The removal of the SIM card slot could further improve water resistance.

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