Look Up! The 7 Best Bird-Watching Apps for Android

Do you often wonder how many birds you can name and know about while you watch them fly in your vicinity or see them migrating? Bird-watching apps not only help you learn the names and species of the birds but also help you get valuable information about their habitat, nesting, and feeding.

So, let’s look at seven great Android apps for birdwatchers and birders that you can use to identify and gain relevant knowledge about the birds you see.

1. Merlin Bird ID

Merlin Bird ID helps you identify the birds you see and hear around you. This app has a huge database of more than 8,500 birds from different regions and contains one of the world’s most extensive databases of bird observations. You can identify birds using Merlin’s bird ID, photo ID, or sound ID features.

Merlin Bird ID has mini databases named bird packs which contain data from Antarctica to Zimbabwe and offer you to download the bird pack for your region. The app also helps you learn the common as well as scientific names of the birds.

Merlin Bird ID is a treat for birdwatchers because when you give it a date and location, it allows you to search its vast database specifically according to that information. It shows you results based on a citizen-science database—a database created with the help of the general public—telling you which birds are most likely found in the location you are in. That is why Merlin’s photo ID identification also uses location and date for accurate findings.

Download: Merlin Bird ID (Free)

2. eBird

eBird is a versatile database for scientists, birdwatchers, and observers to add, name, and identify different bird species found in their locality. It allows you to regularly submit a checklist of observations in a specific location and also asks for the type of observation, for example, if the bird was traveling locally or migrating to another region. This helps upload bird sightings in a fast, accurate, and easy way.

This app works both offline and online and allows you to track your bird sightings anywhere, anytime, so is a great app to use outdoors. eBird also has a vast database of packs and offers you suggestions to download them based on your location.

The app is free and not only helps birders keep track of their sightings but also helps scientists keep track of bird-related scientific stuff like conservation, biodiversity, and the distribution of birds in different regions.

Download: eBird (Free)

3. Little Bird Quiz Europe

As the name suggests, this app is more of a game that contains pictures of wild birds from Europe and helps you identify them through quizzes. There are two versions of this app. The free version contains only ducks, finches, and herons, while the paid version contains many more photographs of different bird species.

Little Bird helps you memorize birds through identification quizzes by showing a picture of the bird and letting you select the right answer from three options. In addition, the app supports more than 25 languages, and there are two difficulty levels available: easy and hard. The easy version allows you to have two lifelines to give you two extra turns to guess the right answer.

While you are playing, you can see yourself on the leaderboard to check how you rank against players around the globe by comparing your scores with them. As Little Bird gamifies the whole experience, it is a great source to help you learn about birds. Do also check out these outdoor apps you can try with your kids.

Download: Little Bird Quiz Europe (Free, premium version available)

4. Audubon Bird Guide

Audubon Bird Guide is an app by the National Audubon Society whose mission is to protect birds, ensure on-ground conservation, and restore bird hotspots. The app contains over 820 species of North American birds.

Audobon helps you add sightings and bird photos through locations. It also offers a massive database where pictures of different birds are added along with their sounds and information about their habitat, feeding, and nesting.

The app also includes interesting news about birds. And in addition, its feature and field guide options help you name the species you see regularly and understand almost everything about them. It also sends alert notifications your way whenever the bird of your interest is in your vicinity.

Download: Audubon Bird Guide (Free)

5. Bird Identification

Bird Identification is a pretty simple and easy-to-use app that allows you to ID a bird in seconds. It works by letting you take a picture of the bird and upload it to identify it. You can also use pictures of the birds saved in your gallery to discover their names.

The app gives you an estimated probability of the accuracy of a bird’s name. In addition, it offers how-to guides, which contain simple instructions on how you can use this app for bird identification and what to avoid. You also get tips about using the app in the best possible way with ease.

Bird Identification is a free app that gives you results in seconds whenever you upload a picture to its database. It contains ads, but they do not frequently appear while you’re using the app.

Download: Bird Identification (Free)

6. Picture Bird

Picture Bird, as the name indicates, allows you to identify the birds by using their pictures. It also allows you to record the sound of the bird and identify it that way instead. The app claims to contain in-depth details of more than 10,000 bird species.

The accuracy of bird identification through sound and pictures is pretty high as the app contains a vast database. You can also have a free consultation with bird experts to help you expand your knowledge. In addition, you get to learn the scientific nomenclature of the birds.

Picture Bird is full of information for birders about bird-watching, feeding, and attracting specific species to your place. This app is paid, and you can use its free trial for seven days. So only go for this one if you are really serious about your hobby.

Download: Picture Bird (Free trial, in-app purchases available)

7. Bird Journal

Bird Journal allows you to record, save, and share your bird observations with users across the globe. It contains a massive library of checklists of birds from all around the world and allows you to download the data of your choice.

In this app, you can enter your bird observation using location, year, month, and wildlife category or species. It also saves a summary of your entries from most recent to oldest as well as your complete history.

Bird Journal also has a premium version that contains additional features, like maps and graphs, though the free version alone has a lot of interesting features to keep you engaged for a long time.

Download: Bird Journal (Free, in-app purchases available)

Take Your Bird-Watching to the Next Level

As a birdwatcher, you are often interested in identifying the birds you see, and learning about their species and understanding them. These birdwatching apps contain almost all of these features. You can use one or more of these apps to fulfill your birdwatching needs.

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