The 7 Best Simple Android Launchers for Seniors

A simple Android launcher for seniors is precisely what your parents and grandparents need. The latest Android devices have advanced features that can be complicated for seniors who just want to do the basics, like making calls and sending messages.

Fortunately, some launchers are designed with older users in mind, to offer them a more direct and smoother user experience. They do not have extra features and make it easy to find the most essential phone functions.

Here are seven of the top Android launchers for seniors to use without too much difficulty.

1. SimpleLauncher

Simple Launcher app is a free Android launcher for the elderly with no ads and an easy-to-use interface. Some of the features of this app include large fonts and icons to view and operate with ease. It has a Control Center that makes it easy to find the general settings, as well as weather settings, a safety lock, and easier access to uninstalling apps.

Simple Launcher is convenient for making phone calls by adding contacts to your home screen. It also features a big red SOS button for making emergency calls. It keeps the home screen quite basic, but you can swipe up to reveal all apps. This launcher works well when you want to personalize your Android Home Screen by keeping it simple.

You don’t have to worry about your grandparents moving apps or deleting them with the edit-lock switch. It also means they don’t have to worry about messing up the layout, or making pocket dials.

Download: Simple Launcher (Free)

2. BIG Launcher

The BIG Launcher app is suitable for the elderly, children, and users with eyesight problems. It further simplifies your Android phone by using a plain background as the wallpaper, with a grid-style arrangement.

When setting up the app, you can choose to have even larger fonts for better visibility. There is a dark mode, blue mode, and light mode available for you to use. However, you can download more themes under the launcher’s Preferences section for free.

The app’s interface is simple, with only six blocks—phone, SMS, camera, gallery, SOS, and all apps—and you can edit this section to add more apps as you wish. You get the battery level information at the top, along with the time and current date.

The apps on your smartphone are listed alphabetically with a search bar at the top to make finding the app you are looking for simple. With BIG Launcher, you will be using a custom phone call and SMS app. Paying for the premium version gives you access to additional screens, the ability to password-protect preferences, and you can customize all columns on the home screen, not just the right one.

Download: BIG Launcher (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Simple Mode

Simple Mode is yet another app that tries to reduce the complexities of Android smartphones. Like the other launchers on this list, you get to see information and apps in large, semi-transparent blocks. This theme easily matches any background you choose and makes viewing and reading text simple.

At the top, you have the time and date in a large font, with easy-to-read text on the rest of the home screen. The other apps on your smartphone are in the form of a list with the uninstall feature on the right.

You can add your favorite contacts and other apps you constantly use on the other screens. The Simple Mode launcher is only 2MB in size, which is excellent for your grandparent using a more basic phone.

Download: Simple Mode (Free)

4. Senior Safety Phone

The Senior Safety Phone is a popular Android launcher for elders because of its classic design. It is easy to navigate with the most common shortcuts like phone, SMS, and all apps at the bottom of the screen.

There are also icons on the remainder of the screen for things like alarms and emergency calls. The Settings feature is easily accessible, and you can lock down the settings and volume levels to prevent any accidental changes.

Additional features like making emergency calls and an easy-to-use alarm also make the Senior Safety Phone launcher one of the best for seniors. However, your grandparents will have to deal with the ads almost everywhere on the free version.

Download: Senior Safety Phone (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Help Launcher

Help Launcher is another simple launcher for Android. The default home screen lets you quickly access calls, messages, photos, and the camera, while the settings icon gets you to the alarm clock, Wi-Fi connection, contacts, and other general controls.

The icons are brightly colored to make differentiating them manageable. The apps list also features large icons in large font sizes for seniors with eye problems. The SOS feature allows you to make emergency calls by adding contacts to the SOS list.

Download: Help Launcher (Free, in-app purchases)

6. Square Home

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