The 8 Best Translation Apps to Install on Your Smartphone

Most people can’t imagine traveling without a smartphone. We use our smartphones as a GPS, camera, and way to contact our friends. In foreign countries, you can whip out your smartphone to translate signs, local people, and even yourself.

With just a simple app, your phone can become your personal translator. These best language translation apps for Android and iOS will have you covered on your next adventure.

1. iTranslate Translator

Enjoyed by nearly half a million users, iTranslate Translator is one of the best translation apps available. With its augmented reality translation feature, you can translate text, voice, images, and even your surroundings. However, some features are only available for paid users.

Still, you can access its handy Phrasebook even if you’re a free user. The Phrasebook consolidates common things you’ll likely need to ask or request at different locations, thus making it an app every traveler should download.

The phrases are sorted into categories such as While Traveling, Help/Medical, At the Restaurant, and more. In each category, the phrases are also organized into subsections. For example, in the While Traveling category, there are phrases for buying tickets and finding information about public transportation.

Download: iTranslate Translator for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

2. Google Translate

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