The Next MacBook Air Should Have a Cooling Fan: Here’s Why

Apple introduced the M1 MacBook Air in late 2020, and with it came a somewhat surprising change to the laptop. The M1 MacBook Air removed the fan that has been part of its internals since its inception.

Even though Apple has not reversed this action in the redesigned M2 MacBook Air, we think its successor should feature a fan to prevent multiple issues that come with a fanless laptop.

Why Is the MacBook Air Fanless?

One of the most impactful benefits of Apple silicon chips is their unparalleled efficiency. When Apple introduced the M1 MacBook Air, it was so confident of its efficiency that it decided not to include a fan in the laptop anymore. This worked well for Apple as the M1 MacBook Air didn’t really suffer from heating or thermal throttling issues.

The MacBook Air is also also known for being the thinnest and quietest MacBook in Apple’s lineup. Therefore, removing the fan allowed the M2 MacBook Air to be lighter, thinner, and noise-free during regular operations while, in theory, not sacrificing performance.

You Sacrifice Performance for a Fanless Design

Most people didn’t really complain about the MacBook Air fan being loud during normal use in the 2018 and early 2020 Intel models. The MacBook Air has continuously operated silently during regular computing tasks.

Therefore, there wasn’t much need to remove the fan in the first place in the Apple silicon models. The MacBook Air isn’t for power users; it targets the average consumers who want the most value for the money.

Even in the rare situations where the fan would spin fast and loud, there were multiple tricks to help cool down the MacBook Air anyway. So, we don’t think adding a fan inside the next MacBook Air would affect its silent operation all that much.

We Need a Fan in the Next MacBook Air

While the MacBook Air may seem like it can go without a fan, it should still offer one so that its performance is not limited due to high temperatures. Discarding the fan causes too many issues, and you don’t reap many benefits from it.

However, that doesn’t mean the M2 MacBook Air can’t fit everyone’s needs, so it may still be worth considering if you don’t have a demanding workflow.

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