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Three of the Best Smart Thermostats to Use in Multiple Zones

Smart thermostats Bring a variety of smarts to your table. These tiny smart home devices allow you to do many things, including scheduling the time and adjusting the temperature using voice commands. There may be more options if you have multiple zones in your home. That’s when smart thermostats for multiple zones come into the picture.


The multi-zone smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature in your home with one button. You not only save money but also save energy.

Let’s see some of the best smart thermostats for multiple zones. First,

1. Honeywell Home T9

Honeywell has made a name for itself in the thermostat market, and the Honeywell Home T9 proves it. If you are looking for a simple smart thermostat that is compatible with all HVAC systems, this is it. Although the feature list is small, you can play with voice commands, geofencing and scheduling. The Honeywell thermostat can be used with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Honeywell T9 can be used in conjunction with remote temperature sensors, which allow you to adjust the temperatures in different areas of your home. A thermostat can be used to support up 20 sensors. Although the sensors can detect temperature, humidity and control humidity, they do not have proximity sensor capabilities. You will need to manually switch the HVAC units off/on, or by using voice commands.

Compared to most smart thermostats today, the Honeywell T9 doesn’t have advanced features compared to its peers. The T9 does come with some basic features. You can set the schedule to suit your preferences. Geofencing is another interesting feature. You can create a virtual thermostat setting by using it. When it doesn’t detect anyone’s presence, it switches off or goes to energy-saving mode. However, there’s a slight catch—you can’t use the geofencing and scheduling together.

The Honeywell T9 is capable of handling multiple zones. The touchscreen lights up in orange when it’s heating your house and lights blue when it’s cooling. However, the design is somewhat outdated. While the touchscreen is sensitive and responds well to touches, it doesn’t have the sharp looks of the modern-day thermostat. However, the sensors are large and heavy.

However, the Honeywell T9 has been well-received by its users. They love the integration of smart homes and the ease of operation.

2. ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

Ecobee’s smart thermostat is another option for multiple zones. The ecobee4 Smart Thermostat addresses a major limitation of the one above—its sensors can detect both presence and temperature. The thermostat can then determine the right temperature for each room. The ecobee4 comes with one sensor and you can add more. The ecobee4 can support up to 32 sensors. Now, that’s something, right?

The Ecobee4 looks great. It also comes with Amazon Alexa. The thermostat responds to your commands by listening to what you say. The thermostat can not only respond to your commands but also acts as your smart hub. You can ask it questions. Turn off your ceiling fan Reduce the brightness level of the living room lighting. Apart from that, it’s compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings, among others. Yes, IFTTT can be used to make some delicious recipes.

It’s reliable and works as expected. The proximity sensors do the work of tuning out when they do not detect anyone’s presence. If you schedule it to turn off at 4 pm and get home before it starts, it will automatically turn on. The app allows you to control most things, but you can also set presets such as Home and Away so you get the best out of it.

3. Nest T3007ES Learning thermostat

The Nest T3007ES Learning thermostat is the last. This smart thermostat is suitable for multiple zones and learns from you over time to adjust your heating and cooling. Like the above, it comes with an Away mode and a geofencing feature that switches off the heating system when it doesn’t detect anyone’s presence in a room.

The many sensors allow for multi-room experiences, similar to the one shown above. The Nest smart sensors are smaller and more compact than the Honeywell ones. One thermostat can control 20 sensors. Even if there are multiple rooms and multiple HVAC zones, this smart sensor can handle them all.

Nest products are known for their reliability and outstanding performance. It can learn your habits over time and almost duplicate the schedules. Temperature is the same. For example, if you set the thermostat to a particular temperature frequently, it will learn that it’s your favorite zone and replicate it.

The device looks sharp and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb on your gallery wall. The Farsight feature automatically lights up your thermostat when you walk towards it.

Nest smart learning thermostats are a great option if you have Nest smart devices already at home. Do note that it’s compatible only with Google Home and IFTTT.

Heat but in Phases

Smart thermostats for multiple zones ensure that energy is properly utilized, as you do not have to pay for energy you won’t use. Smarts also allow you to control the temperature and cooling of your home. You should ensure that the smart assistant you’re interested in is compatible with your home’s HVAC system.

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