Ubuntu Developers Tease New Release After Pushing Out Major Upgrade

On the heels of the release of Ubuntu version 22.04 in April 2022, “Jammy Jellyfish,” the developers are already hard at work on the next version, 22.10. The new version is slated for release in October 2022.

Ubuntu 22.10 Announced With Virtual Trumpets

The official Ubuntu Twitter feed announced the upcoming version with some virtual fanfare, quoting Ubuntu developer Canonical engineering manager Ken VanDine:

The new version is dubbed “Kinetic Kudu,” in keeping with Ubuntu’s naming tradition of codenames taking an alliterative animal name. A kudu is a spiral-horned antelope native to the African continent.

Version 22.10 is scheduled for release on October 20, 2022. This follows Ubuntu’s six-monthly release schedule. In contrast to Ubuntu version 22.04 released in April 2022, which is a Long-Term Support (LTS) release, this will only receive nine months of support from Canonical. The LTS release will receive updates for five years. For this reason, Canonical recommends LTS releases to most users. The 22.10 release will likely appeal to those who want newer software.

Much Work to Polish Ubuntu 22.10

The Ubuntu development team has some work ahead of them to get the Ubuntu 22.10 release ready for October. Developers will take packages from the development and unstable versions of Debian and polish them for general release. They will also have to fix bugs and integrate any new components into the system.

This will likely include newer versions of the Linux kernel. The default GNOME desktop will also likely have new software available.

A release schedule with the important development milestones has been posted on the Ubuntu Discourse website by “Ubuntu Bugmaster” Brian Murray (that’s his real job title, according to his LinkedIn Profile).

A “feature freeze” is scheduled for August 18, with “Ubuntu Testing Week” slated for the first week of September. More of the system and documentation will be finalized in October ahead of its official release that month.

Ubuntu 22.10 Upholds the Tradition of Regular Releases

The pending release of Ubuntu 22.10 in October 2022 upholds its tradition of regular releases every six months. Its base in Debian means that both systems remain major players in the Linux world. Debian and Ubuntu are suited to certain use cases, whether that’s on the desktop or on the server.

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