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UK 2023/2024 Global Excellence scholarships

If you’ve demonstrated the highest academic standards through your academic endeavours, You can be recognize for your global excellence


All applicants must

You have been offered the chance to attend an eligible Postgraduate, or Undergraduate Course taught within Dundee University: University of Dundee:

  • Undergraduates – Must have the offer to take a full-time course on campus – this does not include any course at the School of Medicine or Dentistry. It must be 120 credit hours.
  • Teaching postgraduates – must be able to secure an offer to take an on-campus course at an academic institution. The course must comprise 180 credits in addition to the PGDip course in Legal Professional Practice.
  • Masters of Research, as well as Masters the Research Program, are covered under this award.
  1. We have accomplished the following:
  • Undergraduate Students UK BBB B-Level and higher (or the equivalent).
  • Postgraduate Teaching Postgraduate Taught UK 1st Class Degree (or an equivalent degree).
  • UK Equivalencies for all academic qualifications are subject to the discretion of the University of Dundee.
  1. You will be classified as an International fee-paying student at the University of Dundee.
  2. It would be best if you were not taking a PhD Course.
  3. You can pay a tuition of PS19,600. Please note that any course.

Benefits of your global exellense

  1. The amount of this scholarship is PS6,000. It is awarded to students as a tuition-free scholarship. There is no direct payment made to the applicant.
  2. The scholarship is paid out in the year following the study. Undergraduate applicants are eligible for the award for up to five years of continuing study. (PS30,000 over five years). b. If the course is a 3.5-year undergrad degree (School of Business), the scholarship can only be available from the second year to the beginning. c. For postgraduate students (including Masters of Research, Masters of Science and Master of Arts), when the course lasts for more than 12 full time and a full calendar year fee for tuition is due the academic year in which it is due, the scholarship may be used throughout the two years of study.
  3. The scholarships are granted on an unconditional basis. But it isn’t tied to the course eligibility.
  4. The awarding of scholarships cannot be made based on pro-rata.


There needs to be a separate request form to apply for Global Excellence Scholarship. Global Excellence Scholarship. This University of Dundee Admissions Team will review all the information from the applicant’s application to determine whether they meet the criteria for eligibility.

The verification process will take place during the initial Offer Stage.

  • If an applicant is awaiting academic results at the point of offer, the university can only verify the scholarship once academic accomplishments have been reported and confirmed.
  • If the applicant cannot satisfy the requirements for the award, the university may notify the applicant of available alternative scholarships.

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