Which Offers More Value for Your Money?

The Google Pixel 7 comes to market as an iterative upgrade to the Pixel 6, bringing subtle design improvements and internals that claim greater efficiency.

If you’re buying a new mid-range phone, the Pixel offers a lot of bang for the buck at $599. At the same time, if you aren’t loyal to Android, Apple’s iPhone 14 is also comparable, primarily due to its non-pro branding.

So, to help you make an informed decision, we’ve compared the newest base models from Apple and Google below.

Design Differences

Under normal use, the iPhone 14 can deliver 800 nits, but the Pixel 7 doesn’t have an official rating. However, Google claims a 25% brighter panel, which does indicate that 800 might be the standard. That said, it’s worth noting that the iPhone 14 doesn’t feature an always-on display like the Pixel 7—Apple reserved it for the higher-end iPhone 14 Pro.

Processor, RAM, and Storage

  • Google Pixel 7: 4,355mAh, USB-C Port
  • iPhone 14: 3,279mAh, Lightning Port
  • Lastly, we’ll compare their batteries. iPhone 14 comes with a 3,279mAh cell compared to the Pixel 7’s 4,355mAh unit. Many reviews have indicated the iPhone can last an entire day on a single charge with relative ease.

    It’s hard to comment on Pixel 7’s endurance since we haven’t tested the device yet. Still, if we look at the performance of its predecessor and consider the improvements Google says it has made, the device shouldn’t have issues lasting a day.

    As for charging, both phones claim that they can fast charge up to 50% capacity in about 30 minutes. However, you’ll need a 30W adapter to fast charge the Pixel 7, whereas a 20W is good enough for the iPhone 14. But don’t fret, as using any of the best USB-C chargers on the market should meet the requirements.

    Both phones also support Qi wireless charging—7.5W on the iPhone 14 and 12W on the Pixel 7. Using the second-generation Pixel Stand will provide 20W of power to the Pixel, and using the MagSafe wireless charger will deliver 15W charging speeds to the iPhone.

    Google Pixel 7’s Pricing Makes It the Better Buy

    When we look at the specifications on paper, the Pixel 7 offers a lot more value when compared to iPhone 14. Yes, the devices belong to different platforms and ecosystems, but if we leave the subjective aspect out of the picture, the Pixel comes out on top in quite a few ways.

    Its display is smoother, its camera is better on paper, and it comes with more storage for a lower investment. In addition, its processing power might not be at the top, but it is good enough to maintain an above-par experience.

    Now, if cost is a factor that does affect your decision, then we’d suggest looking into the iPhone 13. The device starts at $699 and offers almost the same feature set as iPhone 14. Yes, it won’t have every new capability and might receive fewer software updates, but it does cover many of the same bases.

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