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Why Is My Facebook Account Disabled? 6 Possible Causes

If you are a fan of Facebook, the world of social media is at your convenience. It is quite fascinating until you open the Facebook app one day and see your account is disabled.

This doesn’t happen every day. Unless you committed something wrong or violated Facebook’s terms and conditions, your account cannot be disabled on its own.

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There can be multiple reasons behind it. This article is focused on why your Facebook account got disabled and what you can do about it.

1. Impersonating a Profile

The first possible reason your Facebook account is disabled is that you are pretending to be someone else.

If a person sees that your profile is named after someone and displays their images and information, they have the right to report you. Facebook takes impersonation reports seriously— especially if the account is non-verified. This is because nobody knows what’s lurking behind that display picture.

To avoid this, we recommend creating an account or business that does not directly remind you of someone else. When making a celebrity fan page, remember to stay respectful and not hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Impersonation reports usually process quicker if you do not have a registered account (no phone number verification). More reports bring an account to Facebook’s attention even quicker.

Facebook considers impersonation a breach of privacy. It takes strict actions against that profile and ultimately disables it. You might need a new email address and number to create a new Facebook page and account.

2. Using a Fake Name

Facebook has improvised its policies in the past few years to ensure users mention their correct information. You need to use your real name and only change it if it’s legally required.

Since using a fake name is considered a privacy breach, your account will be disabled. Apart from the security point of view, it can be difficult for other users to find you.

When we talk about fake names, Facebook considers names derived from real names acceptable. For instance, if your name is Timothy, using Tim on your profile is alright.

The first thing you can do is send a form to request a review. Users who prove their identity get access to their account back.

If not, Facebook might not let you regain access to your profile. You can check the name preferences to see Facebook’s requirements for name selection.

3. Violating the Facebook Terms and Conditions

Facebook has created its policies to give users from around the globe a chance to check what content they’re displaying. Facebook’s terms and conditions not only protect privacy but also ensure safe content uploaded by users.

Some of the content is taken down automatically, and you might not get any penalty. For instance, there was an update in Facebook’s self-harm and violence regulations. Facebook took down even some humorous content and animations of similar nature to avoid hurting anyone’s sentiments.

Typically, Facebook removes the violating content and gives you a couple of chances before disabling your account. Follow the Facebook Community Standards to avoid getting your Facebook account disabled.

Post high-quality content that is safe and unique. Strive to make a difference on the app and gain reach without hurting other users. If someone reports your content that follows the Facebook guidelines, Facebook will most likely not take it down or disable your account after review.

4. Posting Abusive and Offensive Comments

As mentioned, users must follow the guidelines established by Facebook to create a safe space for everyone. When you post abusive and offensive comments on the app, the Facebook team notices it.

Initially, you might experience a ban from posting comments and content for a couple of hours. It eventually increases to months if you continue to make offensive comments. When users report spam or abuse on Facebook, Facebook observes the users whose accounts should be disabled.

If you stop posting spam and offensive content, Facebook will not disable your comments any more. Failure to do so results in your account being permanently disabled. You can appeal disabled profiles, but in most cases, Facebook does not revert such accounts.

5. Being Underage

According to Facebook policies, users must be at least 13 years old to make a Facebook account. Users under 18 have some restrictions and cannot access all the features.

If Facebook comes across a report that an underage person is running an account, it takes instant notice to disable that account. Facebook users have the option to report an underage child on Facebook.

Instead of giving your child complete access to Facebook, you can start with Messenger Kids. It is considered safe for your children and comes with connectivity, socializing, and games.

6. Account Got Hacked

A hacked account is a serious and concerning matter. A hacked account means that someone else has complete access to your data. Although it is quite difficult to hack an account, some users might unknowingly provide loopholes to let others enter their personal space.

There are multiple ways to recover your hacked Facebook account. Facebook asks you to enter your alternate email and phone number to send you a login code.

If nothing seems to work, users can go through Facebook’s policies to deal with a hacked or compromised account. It also offers a guide to walk you through the steps to resolve the issue.

To avoid hacking, users can implement recovery methods to secure their Facebook accounts. A new Facebook account is also at risk of getting disabled if you do not enter your details correctly. So, ensure that you are practicing safe methods when using the app.

Avoid Getting Your Facebook Account Disabled

Facebook is a multipurpose app that enables users to have a safe and engaging experience. It has some strict policies that the Facebook team takes stern notice of if breached.

If you have a disabled account on Facebook, it can be due to reasons such as posting inappropriate content, being underage, or not following the terms and conditions.

Hacked accounts are also a cause that can lead to account disabling. If your account got hacked and you are unable to recover it, Facebook suggests disabling the account and getting your personal information out of the hacker’s possession.

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